Very Young People Concert

Jazz for young people/Michele Bedigian

  Throughout the year there are these Sunday afternoon’s when the New York Philharmonic perform these fantastic concerts for children ages 3- 6. With ensembles of strings, brass, and woodwinds they teach them an introductory overview of what makes up the entire orchestra. It’s incredible! Through movement, singing, and humor my little guys are hooked and can’t wait for the next one! […]

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Took a trip to Scranton with Julia Sverchuk and Veronica Lawlor because Veronica, Ronnie, was conducting a drawing workshop for Synaesthesia Social hosted by Ted Michalowski. These musicians were incredible, and incredibly in tuned with each other! Jamie Orfanella played the didgeridoo. I have included the other musicians in the drawing with their hands: Tyler […]

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Fat Tuesday!

It’s PARTY TIME! in New Orleans, as today marks Fat Tuesday, or Carnival, the day before the start of Lent in the Catholic tradition. Although the party has been going since the weekend, I’m sure. I’ve had some wonderful times in New Orleans, drawing and dancing. Or drawing the dancing. This drawing was made in […]

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