The Edible Academy

Paradise/Michele Bedigian

The New York Botanical Gardens provide an educational gardening program now called  ‘The Edible Academy’  my children have been attending since they were three. Last week was the end of the spring session and my favorite day … HARVESTING! They each harvested what they planted earlier in the season to take home and eat, or […]

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A week after Thanksgiving and moving into the holiday season here in the US, I’m continuing to think a lot about gratitude. This drawing is of a taxi driver I met in Havana, during a visit to the city in 2015. He was a very warm person, and between his pigeon English and my pigeon Spanish, […]

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Apollo’s fountain

So there we were, in front of this gorgeous fountain called Le Bassin d’Apollon (a.k.a. The Fountain of Apollo). It stands in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. The horses appeared so boisterous leaping out of the water’s edge. It was irresistible. Not just to draw them but to try to capture how they felt.  Art by Michele Bedigian

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