Timeless water-colors

one watercolor a day/ Michele Bedigian

So the boys went boating yesterday, the 4th of July, with their Dad and their Grandpa, and it reminded me of this piece I did about a year ago in Newport, Rhode Island (a frequent family destination). I did it originally on site as an exercise for “One Watercolor a Day”, a follow-up to our […]

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European Fashion Show

I’m happy to announce my inclusion in the traveling show “Across Europe with Best Fashion Illustration“. There are many wonderful artists in the show and I am honored to be amongst them. Here is a piece that is available for purchase through their website: http://www.modeart.eu Greg Betza ©2017

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An Impressionable Feat

Feet drawing/Michele Bedigian

  So I was going thru a few sketchbooks over the Easter break and I found this quirky figure drawing I thought worth sharing. In all it’s way it not only made me laugh, but made me remember just how many 1,000’s of hands and feet I must’ve drawn over the years. It was my teacher, […]

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design in song

Mexican Mariachi/Michele Bedigian

  Years ago when I was training with my mentor weekly one of his biggest lessons was, “Design is key to any drawing. Without design there’s nothing to work with.” One could argue design is an intrical part of a drawing no matter what you do simply because it’s there. BUT, no one can deny there’s GOOD design and then there’s […]

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Paint and Sip party

paint & sip party/Michele Bedigian

This past Saturday night I was invited to a “paint & sip party” at a friends house. If you haven’t been to one of these very popular events typically held at a commercial venue somewhere around town the teaching method is very “hands on”. You’re led through a verbal step-by-step instructional while sitting around socializing with […]

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His first time

It’s a rare opportunity that my children are around to see “Mommy’s space” and experience the model. Granted they are still toddlers but it’s always been a soul belief of mine that if they grow up with an awe and a wonder for art and its ability to express in ways words cannot they’ll grow […]

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Apollo’s fountain

So there we were, in front of this gorgeous fountain called Le Bassin d’Apollon (a.k.a. The Fountain of Apollo). It stands in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. The horses appeared so boisterous leaping out of the water’s edge. It was irresistible. Not just to draw them but to try to capture how they felt.  Art by Michele Bedigian

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No matter what you call it…GOD, ALLAH, ELOHIM, YHWH, OM, JEHOVAH, ALMIGHTY, PRABHU,  etc… for most of us on this planet there is a belief in a higher power beyond what we can see, feel, touch or smell. This morning there was an incredible essay on one of the morning shows that interviewed the Monks of Norcia. (Norcia is […]

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Into the Melting Pot

Above is a small lino-cut I had done at the South Street Seaport titled Point of Entry…into the melting pot.  Thought it was kind of appropriate given the occasion this holiday weekend, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May the best of life’s offering in this great land we call home fill yours with peace and abundance. …and for those who […]

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The Federal Art Project

  Did you know yesterday marked the 80th Anniversary of the Federal Art Project? The Federal Art Project was a pretty significant contribution to American culture. Funded by the New Deal in 1935 it was one of the projects kicked off by President Franklin Roosevelt. The program employed as many as 10,000 independent artists across 100 communities […]

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