Caring for a newborn is seriously difficult! Not only is it exhausting but simple chores become impossible. I’ve noticed that the more hectic life gets around here the messier our couch pillows get. On a pillow scale of one to ten, today is up there! Ha. Here’s a drawing of the husband taking a well […]

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From the Archives

Dragon parade/Michele Bedigian

Each weekend Studio 1482 will be featuring posts from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Michele Bedigian, from back in 2016. It’s titled “Maleficent’s Mission.” #ODADarchive   Maleficent is a complicated, pivotal character in the Disney reportoire. As a beautiful young woman of pure heart she had an idyllic life in a forest […]

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Baby Blankets

My baby was gifted so many blankets, mostly handmade lovingly by special friends and family. All of them are different from each other in color and style. Here she’s swaddled in a floral and laying on a blanket with cross stitched hearts. I like to think she’s surrounded by love at all times. ~Despina

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