memory lane 2


Here’s a another drawing from college. First we made a sculpture portrait from the model, which I also still have, and then we made a drawing exploring all the angles of the sculpture. I chose to pay homage to the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Ink and chalk on watercolor paper. ~Despina

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Drawing a Crowd

classic yachting regatta/Michele Bedigian

Spent the holiday weekend in Newport, RI with the kids and had a brief opportunity to steal away some time to draw in town. Who knew the Museum of Yachting “Classic Yacht Regatta” was happening this weekend? Each year this event brings dozens of boats built by some of the greatest American masters (Herreshoff, Sparkman & Stephens) from […]

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Marks in the Earth


No matter how many times I round the corner in the “African Safari,” knowing full well that the pachyderms will be in full view at any moment, I am always in awe of the beauty, size, and majesty of the elephants as they socialize with one another, marking their territory by gouging the earth and […]

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From the archives

fishy | eddie pena

Each Sunday Studio 1482 will be featuring a post from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Eddie Peña, from back in 2013. It’s titled “Water Colors Art” #ODADarchive The drawings above are thumbnails for project “Water Colors”, an ambient video installation by collaborating artists  Julia Sverchuk and I (Eddie Peña). “Water Colors” transforms Dassara Bar & Restaurant space […]

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memory lane

So my parents have retired and are moving. I’m helping to clear out the storage which consists of a lot of my old portfolio cases filled with journals and artwork from high school and college. It’s been part embarrassing and part inspiring. And a wholly emotional experience. For those of you out there with children: urge […]

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Rose of Sharon


I had to trim a bush this morning, filled with Rose of Sharon flowers. They’re quite beautiful but as with all things when you see so many you tend to lose appreciation of just how special they are….SO I decided to spend some time drawing one to reacquaint myself. It was a nice way to spend […]

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