Rose of Sharon


I had to trim a bush this morning, filled with Rose of Sharon flowers. They’re quite beautiful but as with all things when you see so many you tend to lose appreciation of just how special they are….SO I decided to spend some time drawing one to reacquaint myself. It was a nice way to spend […]

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Castlefield, Manchester


  Castlefield, Manchester, is the home of England’s first Urban Heritage Park and was the site of my Urban Sketchers Symposium workshop: Puzzling out the Picture. I can not get the enormity and immensity (is that a word?) of the place out of my mind. Along with the enjoyment of meeting sketchers from around the […]

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Sit still


After realizing my son would never sit still for a “portrait” I figured why not make a drawing that really feels and looks like him, you know, a “portrait”. My son hasn’t stopped moving since he was born so why should he be still in my drawing. I spent about 10 minutes just continually drawing […]

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