Free Speech for the Dumb


Yesterday I watched as the school kids, softball teams, marching bands, politicians, and cultural organizations walked in our towns yearly parade of spirit. Mixed in, and new to this years procession, was a local group fighting for their voices to be heard. Right or wrong, without speaking, they made more of an impression on the crowds gathered for our city’s annual celebration […]

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A Different Day


The rain was pouring down, as it often does; shelter was too far away, and the day was drawing to a close. Time spent looking for a better spot to make myself comfortable would have been wasted. Everything was soaked, not to dry until days after I returned home and laid out all the paper and supplies that I carried. Problems […]

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9.11 plus 15


This Sunday will be the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. It seems impossible that it was that long ago, and for many, including myself, the emotions of that day are too easily brought forward again. I was talking to my freshman drawing class about 9/11 this week – most […]

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memory lane 2


Here’s a another drawing from college. First we made a sculpture portrait from the model, which I also still have, and then we made a drawing exploring all the angles of the sculpture. I chose to pay homage to the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Ink and chalk on watercolor paper. ~Despina

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