St. Thomas Palm Trees 2

As my friend Margaret wrote in her post on Saturday, we spent a lovely afternoon together in St. Thomas recently. Sitting at a table with our iced coffees, feeling the breeze, hearing the birds, and painting two palm trees, just for the fun of painting them. It doesn’t get much better than that, kids! We […]

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I like grabbing materials to draw with that I don’t often use. The different feel and look of the line lets new things happen. I drew this scene outside my window with a thick black marker with a chiseled tip. Fun. Greg Betza ©2017

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Timeless water-colors

one watercolor a day/ Michele Bedigian

So the boys went boating yesterday, the 4th of July, with their Dad and their Grandpa, and it reminded me of this piece I did about a year ago in Newport, Rhode Island (a frequent family destination). I did it originally on site as an exercise for “One Watercolor a Day”, a follow-up to our […]

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